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I have been reading too much Avatar: the Last Airbender fanfic. No, wait, scratch that; there is no such thing as reading too much AtLA fanfic. But it still hasn't been good for my productivity. Well. Not Jeture productivity.

So it occurred to me that Dilandau could totally be a Firebender. I mean, come on. And without a teacher or anyone who even knows what he is, his lack of control is totally explainable. I could say that the Sorcerers' Fate Alterations had something to do with making him a Firebender. Somehow. It's possible! I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON DON'T JUDGE ME.

This little AU has consumed my mind over the past two weeks, whispering you want to write me you know you do. Just a drabble or two! C'mon! It's perfect! This NEEDS TO BE DONE!

So I caved. I wrote a little something last night. Of course that wasn't enough, but I don't have time to write a full-blown epic for this (and I'm already working on Jeture and that [ profile] avatarbigbang mini-bang fic that became a monster) so I'm turning this into a request meme. Meme is probably not the right word for this, but oh well. I can get away with this with my current schedule because I know there aren't many people watching this journal, and the active Escaflowne fandom is kind of small. Poor fandom :(

The Rules )

Timeline )

And here is the (first) thing I have written for this AU. I might put this in a more convenient location later, when I think of a more convenient location.

Dilandau discovers fire... )
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Fiction Meme! Yeah, yeah, I know. But I wanted to request one from [ profile] messageredacted , so I have to subject myself to the same thing.

The first TEN people to comment (like I have that many watching this journal, HA, as if), in this post get to request that I write a drabble ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing.* In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. You don't really have to. I want stuff to write. Give me prompts, please!

(1) [ profile] messageredacted : (Batman: Nolanized Earth-3) Jokester & Duela. [Filled]
(2) [ profile] dracomaleficium : (Escaflowne) Dilandau & Folken [Filled]
(3) [ profile] bluealoe : (Escaflowne) Moleman [Filled]
(4) [ profile] disklobos : (Escaflowne post-series) Adelphos' thoughts on Celena [Filled]
(5) [ profile] alpha_hydra (AtLA) Jetko: Brainwashed!Jet knows there's something about Li. He just can't remember what.

*Fandoms include Avatar: the Last Airbender, Chrono Trigger, Escaflowne, Disney's Animated Robin Hood, Doctor Who, Equilibrium, Harry Potter, Improbable Island, Nolanverse!Batman (including Nolanized Earth-3), Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Star Wars, Tokyo Babylon/X1999. (These are just the ones I actually feel comfortable writing for)

This meme is currently OPEN!


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