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So, not sick anymore! Just very, very woozy and loopy with vertigo. Yay. Here is fic.

For those who don't know about Asexuality, please give the topic a few minutes of your time! You can read more about what asexuality is at the AVEN website. Here is a link to AVEN's brief overview: ASEXUALITY BASICS

Today's fandom is Avatar: the Last Airbender!

Title: There is Always Time for Pai Sho
Prompt: Asexuality Awareness Week.
Word Count: 1374
Rating: PG
Characters: asexual!Zuko, Iroh
Warnings: This has not been beta'd.
Summary: In which Zuko is working too hard (as usual), and his uncle corners him to talk about it.
Notes: Throughout Book 1 and the first half of Book 2, Zuko consistently struck me as an ace. So that's what I've run with here. The dialogue feels a bit forced, so I dunno. It's been a while since I've written in this fandom, guys. I'm out of practice.

There is Always Time for Pai Sho )
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Prompt: #21 Zuko In Chains by [ profile] jin_fenghuang 
Title: The Chains of Honor, Chapter 1
: PG
Word Count
: 4795
Beta-reader: [ profile] bluealoe 
Warnings/Pairings: Some disturbing imagery. No pairings.
: If the Yu Yan had not stopped firing, if Aang had been a little slower in deciding to take Zuko with him, and if Zhao's garrison had been a little quicker on their feet, then Zuko's rescue of Aang in "The Blue Spirit" might not have gone quite as well.

Notes: This was also written for the [ profile] avatarbigbang mini-bang challenge! Check out the other stories over there--they are all brilliant!
            Also, this was not supposed to be a long story. It was supposed to be short. And then, after the first section was done, I realized that it had grown into a monster that could not be contained within 5000 words. So this is the first chapter of a much larger work. Also, this is missing scenes that I really would have liked to put in but didn't have the room for, so it's plot-holey at the moment. I will be rewriting this with those extra scenes put in, and that will be the full version of chapter 1 of what is bound to be a ridiculously long epic.

The Chains of Honor: Chapter 1 (minibang version) )
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Prompt: #35 Ashes to Ashes - In Zuko's Memory   by [ profile] teamabodo 
: Ashes to Ashes
: PG
Word Count
: 2119
Beta-reader: [ profile] bluealoe 
Warnings/Pairings: character death, canon pairings implied. TEARBENDING! Also some tense-bending that I have yet to re-organize.
: Zuko does not survive Azula's lightning strike. A year later, those who knew him are still haunted by thoughts of everything that could have been.
Notes: This was written for the [ profile] avatarbigbang minibang challenge (a reverse-bang in the sense that the artwork came first, and the writers picked artwork to use as their story prompts). This is the very first AtLA fanfiction I've written. All things considered, I'm rather proud of it. Also, I highly suggest taking a look at all of the stories posted for the mini-bang. They are all fabulous!

 Ashes to Ashes )


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