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Title: Not Enough
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 237
Characters/Pairings: Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor
Prompt: Written for the Best Enemies' 100 prompt Anniversary challenge. The prompt chosen was 'not enough'. 
Summary: This is an AU that begins on the Valiant, as the Doctor is begging the Master to regenerate. I neglected to post it for...months. So yeah. Here it is now.

The Master says ‘yes’, and his blood dissolves into golden dust and his eyes become blazing suns that burn his whole world away until all that remains is its core—the Doctor, whose joyous smile sears more brightly than the Master can bear.

When the light fades, he expects to feel different. His body settles around him like a new set of clothing that hasn’t been tailored yet. But he doesn't expect that when the gold is gone and the tingling sparkle of regeneration fades, all the brightness in the world will have left along with it.

The Doctor takes him away. The Doctor makes promises to him. The Doctor tries to keep them. The Doctor shows him snapshots of eternity—flashcards in space and time all neatly labelled and untouchably static. The Doctor presses him down and tries to smother the ache of the drums with his mouth. The Doctor tries to help him. He tries everything except for what they both know would work.

The Master sees the sparks that he’s lost swirling in the Doctor’s eyes. The Doctor holds the boundless universe singing beneath his skin. The Master sees him glow like a bottle of golden wine held up to the sunlight, full to the brim, stoppered, and just beyond his reach.

The Master wants it all back. He’ll have it, even if he has to pull the Doctor down and smash him open.
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Well, despite being horribly sick and having nothing to do other than curl up miserably at home and write, I have still only just managed to get this one done. Also...this is kind of rubbish. It really is this time. I am kind of ashamed that this is my first (not anonymously posted) fic in this fandom. But I also kind of can't think straight at the moment, so maybe I will be forgiven.

For those who don't know about Asexuality, please give the topic a few minutes of your time! You can read more about what asexuality is at the AVEN website. Here is a link to AVEN's brief overview: ASEXUALITY BASICS

Today's fandom is Doctor Who. You knew this was coming. And this is also a complete 180 shift from Day One's fic. Whereas then we had the aromantic asexual not-cuddly Dilandau, in this one we have a romantic, cuddly asexual relationship. DO READ the warnings and notes on this one.

Title: Cocoa, Cuddles, and Coyotes
Prompt: Asexuality Awareness Week. Also, see notes.
Word Count: 1143
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: asexual!Ten/asexual!Simm!Master
Warnings: No sex, but there is use of sexual innuendo. It's not my fault. It kind of wrote itself, and I was like REALLY, SELF? REALLY? There is also kissing and cuddling.
Summary: In which the Doctor and Master cuddle on the couch with cocoa and compare one another to cartoon characters.
Notes: This is NOT BETA'D. Believe me, if I had the time, I would beg for a beta for this, because it's shoddily written and doesn't flow well and the characterizations are off. I KNOW the characterizations are off. My deepest apologies in advance for those who read this. Maybe I will get this fixed up someday. There is about zero descriptive, lovely imagery, for which I am very sad. I kind of failed here.

Also, do you know what's more pathetic than filling your own anon meme prompt? Failing to fill it properly. Guess what I did here.

Also, also, there is backstory around this. This particular scene is from near the end of an AU that's been floating around in my head in which, during LoTL, the Master tries to activate the Vortex Manipulator again after the Paradox Machine is disabled (but before Jack catches him). The Doctor, naturally, tries to stop him and, naturally, fails so spectacularly that the two of them wind up stranded out in the boonies of time and space with the Vortex Manipulator broken. I haven't though it out much more than "the Doctor and Master's Epic Hitchhiking Adventures Across the Universe", but at this point they're (finally) in an established relationship. Also, I wanted fluff, so they get along unrealistically well. I unno, these two need more fluff, so I don't feel too bad about that.

Cocoa, Cuddles, and Coyotes )


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