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Okay, so in explanation, Oct. 23 - 29 is Asexuality Awareness Week! In celebration of this, and to help spread awareness, I'm going to be posting one ficlet a day centered around, or somehow pertaining to, asexuality. I'm going to try to cycle through my fandoms as I do this, but we'll see how successful I am at that.

For those who don't know about Asexuality, please give the topic a few minutes of your time! You can read more about what asexuality is at the AVEN website. Here is a link to AVEN's brief overview: ASEXUALITY BASICS

Today's fandom is Escaflowne. How could I resist? My favourite character in that series is a canon asexual. Note that Dilandau is aromantic asexual in this story, but in general asexuals are not necessarily aromantic. The two are not the same thing!

Title: Of Sand and Acceptance
Prompt: Asexuality Awareness Week
Word Count: 1422
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sexuality (obviously)
Summary: Dilandau isn't attracted to anyone. Allen is a bit concerned by this.
Warnings: THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW. This is in the same universe as a fic I wrote a long time ago, which you cannot read because it is eyeball-meltingly godawful. What you do need to know is that Dilandau deserted the Zaibach army just before the last battle and eventually hooks up with Van and Allen after a series of very weird, twisted events. The madoushi are brought to justice, Dilandau gets a bit of peace of mind, begins the slow process of recovery, is pardoned, and Allen is now his legal guardian. I have another fic in the same 'verse that isn't quite as awful: Dance in Shadows.

Of Sand and Acceptance )
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In which I discuss a disturbing trend in fandoms, with Dilandau from Escaflowne as a prime example. I am not f-locking this post. I'm posting this because people need to hear it. F-locking would be counter to that end.

Cut for non-explicit discussion of sexuality. )

I have a paper to write now, otherwise this would be longer and more elaborate. I might expand it later when I'm feeling a bit more energetic and eloquent.
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I have been reading too much Avatar: the Last Airbender fanfic. No, wait, scratch that; there is no such thing as reading too much AtLA fanfic. But it still hasn't been good for my productivity. Well. Not Jeture productivity.

So it occurred to me that Dilandau could totally be a Firebender. I mean, come on. And without a teacher or anyone who even knows what he is, his lack of control is totally explainable. I could say that the Sorcerers' Fate Alterations had something to do with making him a Firebender. Somehow. It's possible! I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON DON'T JUDGE ME.

This little AU has consumed my mind over the past two weeks, whispering you want to write me you know you do. Just a drabble or two! C'mon! It's perfect! This NEEDS TO BE DONE!

So I caved. I wrote a little something last night. Of course that wasn't enough, but I don't have time to write a full-blown epic for this (and I'm already working on Jeture and that [ profile] avatarbigbang mini-bang fic that became a monster) so I'm turning this into a request meme. Meme is probably not the right word for this, but oh well. I can get away with this with my current schedule because I know there aren't many people watching this journal, and the active Escaflowne fandom is kind of small. Poor fandom :(

The Rules )

Timeline )

And here is the (first) thing I have written for this AU. I might put this in a more convenient location later, when I think of a more convenient location.

Dilandau discovers fire... )
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Fiction Meme! Yeah, yeah, I know. But I wanted to request one from [ profile] messageredacted , so I have to subject myself to the same thing.

The first TEN people to comment (like I have that many watching this journal, HA, as if), in this post get to request that I write a drabble ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing.* In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. You don't really have to. I want stuff to write. Give me prompts, please!

(1) [ profile] messageredacted : (Batman: Nolanized Earth-3) Jokester & Duela. [Filled]
(2) [ profile] dracomaleficium : (Escaflowne) Dilandau & Folken [Filled]
(3) [ profile] bluealoe : (Escaflowne) Moleman [Filled]
(4) [ profile] disklobos : (Escaflowne post-series) Adelphos' thoughts on Celena [Filled]
(5) [ profile] alpha_hydra (AtLA) Jetko: Brainwashed!Jet knows there's something about Li. He just can't remember what.

*Fandoms include Avatar: the Last Airbender, Chrono Trigger, Escaflowne, Disney's Animated Robin Hood, Doctor Who, Equilibrium, Harry Potter, Improbable Island, Nolanverse!Batman (including Nolanized Earth-3), Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Star Wars, Tokyo Babylon/X1999. (These are just the ones I actually feel comfortable writing for)

This meme is currently OPEN!
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Title: A Wish for Jeture
Fandom: Vision of Escaflowne
Characters: Dilandau, Dragonslayers, various others
Ships: none
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language. (It's Dilandau for crying out loud).
Summary: Jeture lives within your desires. He knows what your soul longs for, even if you yourself do not. Sometimes he will speak to you, if you wish fervently enough. Sometimes he will even grant your wish. But not all wishes are meant to be realized...


This story was heavily inspired by some scenes from the Escaflowne Drama CD. In a section of that CD, Jeture actually does speak to Dilandau in his dreams, and insinuates that Dilandau's wish isn't what he thinks it is (power, at the time). I highly recommend reading the transcripts to this CD, if for no other reason that it really sheds much more light on events in-between some of the earlier episodes, as well as on Dilandau's past and how exactly he got to be such a high-ranking officer (and in command of an elite squad) at such a young age.

Prologue )
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Title: Dance in Shadows
Fandom: Vision of Escaflowne
Characters: Dilandau, Merle
Ships: none
Rating: G
This one-shot follows the events of an older story of mine: To Mend the Rose. It's not necessary to have read this story (thankfully, since it's not at all any good), but some points of clarification concerning the events that took place do need to be made:

Dilandau deserted the Zaibach army in ep. 25 just before the final battle. Remember the tent scene? He deserts there. Long story short, he hooks up with Van and Allen after a series of very weird, twisted events. The madoushi are brought to justice, Dilandau gets a bit of piece of mind, begins the slow process of recovery, is pardoned, and Allen is now his legal guardian.

Dance in Shadows was written a long time ago, so this post is backdated to reflect that. The writing here is not terribly good, but it's probably the best of my older Escaflowne stories, so I'm not too ashamed to archive it here.

Dance in Shadows )
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Title: On Board a Godforsaken Rock
Fandom: Vision of Escaflowne
Characters: Dilandau, Dragonslayers, Folken
Ships: none
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language. Slightly OOC for the purposes of parody. Also does not use Dilandau's canon history as a soldier.

Notes: I wrote this a long time ago. A little over seven years ago, in fact. It is not my best work by any stretch of the imagination. It is, however, still one of the better humor/parody pieces I've done, and a lot of people liked it. So with that in mind, I've decided to archive it here. This post has been backdated to reflect the age of this story.

On Board a Godforsaken Rock )



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