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Okay, so I play this MUD (multi-user-dungeon), which is an online text-based game. Lensmoor is the name, and I've played it on and off for seven and a half years. Requires a bit of backstory, so....

My main character is named Seishirou Salcha (*cough* know the reference >_>). I wrote this piece in-game as a response to a contest run by one of the goddesses. The contest was to write a story on the subject of time and transformation, which is this goddess's domain.

Seishirou used to be a selkie. Selkies are aquatic seal-people (think a seal furry) with the ability to breathe underwater, among other things. They are very, very tied to the sea, as much as the selkies of our folklore are. Seish completed a difficult quest to become a more advanced race (one of many you can chose) called a 'knaeli'. Think mischievous lucky leprechaun for knaeli. They're energetic and are supposed to abandon all reserve when they become said race. Seishirou, however, had a different experience...

Title: Breathe
Fandom: Lensmoor MUD
Characters: OC, obviously...
Genre: Expressive piece
Rating: PG
Warnings/Pairings: Obscure fandom. Is it even a fandom? >_>? Good question. Anyways.


A Transformation story by Seishirou Salcha



The water floods into your lungs and the pain begins to spread. The
world, distorted by swift, cold currents, suddenly snaps into sharp
focus. There is a ringing in your ears, and you are reminded of Okeshir
and how the surface-dwellers of the city must have screamed as she sunk
beneath the waves. You know, suddenly, how they must have felt.

You are drowning.

Don't breathe!

And yet, even as you slowly sink, the cold water cushioning your head
while it presses against your nose and mouth to suffocate you, the
realization comes slowly. A chill seeps through your sternum,
overpowering the sensation of ice water filling your lungs.

The chill is a realization.

Breathe, and find pain.

The ocean does not want you any longer.

When the ocean has been your home for over six decades, the shock of
rejection numbs your body from your heart outward. You don't even notice
that you haven't been able to feel your arms or legs for the past ten
seconds, or that your lungs have ceased to cry for air, or that the
deepening shadows weaving through the coral are due to your sight dimming
away rather than a cloud covering the sun somewhere far above you.

Abandoning your form changes you. It does not always transform you.

The decision to become a knaeli was a difficult one, for my heart has
always been with the Sea. Breathing was slow and easy. The cool, salty
liquid filled my lungs, infusing life and clarity. It thickened the
sounds around me, deepened them the further I dove. The Sea is a world in
which you can fly without any fear of falling; a world with perils and
wonders so unlike the surface's that it seems as though it belongs to
another plane entirely.

That was my home. And when I chose to abandon my old form, the Sea chose
to abandon me.

You have changed, it said to me in response to each struggling breath,
and you are no longer one of us.

But change is not the same thing as transformation. A change is cutting
your hair, wearing new clothes, losing an arm, going blind...or adopting
a new body. Sometimes the mind changes with the form. Sometimes the magic
seeps in so very deeply that where before you possessed merely an
affinity for the attributes of the other race, now it is as though you
had never been anything else. That is a transformation: where your mind
and your essence flow along with the change.

But sometimes part of you holds back and refuses to die. Refuses to be
reborn, because it cannot let go.

When I abandoned my old form, my form is the only thing that I wound up
abandoning. I was a knaeli in body and ability once the spell took hold.
But I opened my eyes in the aftermath to find that my sight was still
impaired, and that my heart still longed for the Sea.

There is a spell that will adapt your lungs to breathe water as well as
air. It is a simple spell, and easily obtained. But it was not the mere
fact that I had lost the ability to breathe underwater that caused me
such pain. It was the significance of that loss.

Being a knaeli is about abandoning your reserve and your inhibitions. As
I was drowning, slowly being crushed by the the sudden hostility of my
world, I realized that I had not done this. My transformation was not


It was like overcoming an addiction. Once you realize that it's killing
you, you ease away. Never abruptly, for the shock will rip you apart from
the inside. But slowly, steadily, letting the moments age the bonds till
they fall away without you noticing their passing.

Eventually, you will be free.

Each time I crossed the Sea between the continents by way of the trade
vessels, the ache of what I had lost etched away at my heart. I would
gaze down at the water and see its depths veiled from my sight, cold and
silent. And yet, I also began to notice the reflection of the sky
mirrored in silvery crescents in the swell of the water's surface. I
began to look upwards.

Each time, the ache lessened.

Mysteries exist everywhere: in the depths of the jungles and forests,
over dunes and through desert mirages, and beyond snowstorms as wild as a
god's fury. I have always known this. It is because of those mysteries
that I became a traveller. But it wasn't until I learned how it feels to
drown that I was truly forced to face the world in its entirety.

In time, everything changes. That little piece of you that refuses to let
go will loosen its grip, and you will finally be able to stop looking

I use the spell now. It adds another change to temporarily counter the
one that was first made to my lungs. But the second, countering change
only confirms the fact that the first is finally a complete

I can still dive beneath the waves and explore the mysteries that lie
below. The water chills my bare skin and sends me into shivers, but it no
longer bothers me to know that I must rely on magic to swim where I used
to float effortlessly. Those days are in my past, and I gave gone beyond

Transformation slips in moments, inexorable and liberating.

No longer tied to the Sea, I am finally free to breathe.

Date: 2008-02-04 11:54 pm (UTC)
bluealoe: (Default)
From: [personal profile] bluealoe
Damn, you're good. Poetic, and yet makes perfect sense. You should write more.

Beiung able to breathe underwater wiuthout a spell was always one of my favorite things about selkies. That and the claws. :)

Date: 2008-02-05 01:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks Em! ^_^ Selkie has to be my favourite premort race still. I kept debating whether to go knaeli or shifter (because I like the selkie form so much). Opted with knaeli in the end because it fit Seish's RP so well, though.

You should come back sometime. >_> I can, like, help you level. And chat. And Aldur's still there. I really should stop pestering you about this.



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